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Dec. 10th, 2004 @ 03:53 pm school
Current Mood: flirtyodd, yet normal
Current Music: dimmu borgir, death cult armegeddon
at school today i asked someone if they had a secret. lets say his name was "kid". ok, you with me? ok, he said he did have a secret and i was like "what is it?" he wont tell me! its actually a girl named "girl"'s secret. now its pissing me off! it bugs me that my friends kant tell me their secrets. i can keep a secret. do you think i can keep a secret? well of course i can! well... "girl" said that i cant and "kid" sain i couldnt either. well i said that i could and "kid" and "girl" said..."thats just bullshit!" so it pissed me off! grrr!
oh well...they arent nice! hmmmmmm...im bored. i got an F in MATH today. i hate math! do you hate math? i dont like it at all. so im gonna talk about what happened in the past.

it all started when i was 12, sixth grade...well i heard some gossip and this year i was a gossip. so was everyone else. its so so said you cant even trust your own friends. it really sucks. i had gossip that "kid2"(a kid in my class) wanted to play leapfrog with my friend adam. ewwww! its so gross. sick. then we had gossip about this other kid named "sam" and he was so retarded and gross. well it all was weird. like i mentioned the leapfrog thing, they were both boys! ewwwww! sick! somebody kill me!
uh oh!
bell rang