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journal of an outsider

life is not what you expect it to be...

child of darkness
25 April
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My point of this journal... is to try to make people think so they realize how f*cked up the world is. No one is perfect. In fact i think everyone is far from perfect. Especially people like me. People like me feel small, hated, like i have no point in life, Because i think i don't. All i do is ruin peoples relationships or friendships. People like me, hate themselves and wish they would die. Well, some of us have that chance. But why would you? It would ruin your family and make them all sad or really depressed. I see the world in two different ways. And just for the record, i think satan makes more sense than god does, only because how peole cheat on their husbands or wives, how people kill and murder innocent lives...ruining that family. No one knows how much i wish i could change this world. I f you honestly want yourself to die, you can go kill yourself but think, just think how your family, or if your married, youe husband or wife would feel. How can they do that? Why would they do that. Youe see, that is my point, now i see it, to help and try to change things. I'm no god or spirit who can but thats just it! I can help you change yourself. When i die, i want to be recognized and noticed... Not some druggy who no one gives a $hit about. I care for people and even how many extremely bad mistakes i made... i don't want you to make the same ones. I see people in different ways... i see the loving mother in the alcohalic mom. I see the fun loving lady in a school teacher. I see the kindness that truly lays deep inside of a drug dealer. I see the caring mom inside of my aunt who left her family for drugs. Thing like this happen to every human being. Think how the people in Thailand felt when more than 55,ooo died and 2 million lost their homes on December 26, 2004. thiswas a good yet horrible year. And if all of the evil people changed, the world would be much better...
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